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Corrina Thurston

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Corrina Thurston

Barre, VT 05641

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Corrina Thurston, 22, began drawing in 2010. She became ill in 2008 with a chronic illness that she still suffers from today, and her art has sprung from this misfortune.

Now Corrina spends her ‘good’ time drawing and specializes in colored pencil. She was shocked by the amount of depth and vibrancy that can be obtained with colored pencil, and how the finished product can resemble more of a painting than a drawing. Her illness gives her a 24/7 migraine, insomnia, fatigue, malfunctioning adrenal glands and immune system, digestive issues, etc. She found that colored pencil is the best medium for her for many reasons, one of which is how much her hands are steadied by the amount of pressure she puts on the paper. Also, the colored pencil does not smudge, does not dry prematurely, is not messy, and can be done in her lap while she sits in bed.

She also works in graphite and charcoal and focuses mainly on wildlife, animals, portraits, and some flora. Each piece she does is an experiment and an opportunity to push the window of what her medium can accomplish. Visit her website or email her for more information.

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