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linda maney

Personal Information

Artist Name
Linda Maney

p.o. box 66
Roxbury, VT 05669

Artist Statement

I work in various media (watercolor, acrylic, oil, collage, mixed media) exploring the abstract art form. I use color, shape, movement and texture to craft meditative abstract works. Sometimes the idea for a painting comes from an actual object and other times purely from the imagination. I have painted a poem. I have been inspired by granite. I like windows, moons and fire. I am a mostly self-taught artist. Previous solo and/or group shows have taken place at Studio Place Arts, T.W. Wood Gallery, Art in the Round Barn, SEABA Art Hop Juried Show, Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Montpelier City Center, Green Bean Gallery, and Restaurant Phoebe. My work is in many private collections.
I enjoy the freedom of abstract art. I like the way it makes me feel. If the art is open to interpretation by the creator, then it also open to interpretation by the viewer. I feel that the viewer can own the piece as much as the one who created it. The art can even be rotated from time to time to gain a new perspective. At least with the canvasses, I would encourage that kind of experimentation.

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phone - 802-485-8056
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